STEVEN POLLEMA - sound designer & mixing engineer

It all started growing up in a family consisting of social workers, teachers and other very social human beings. Although music was an important part of my upbringing, many were surprised I wanted to pursue a career as a drummer.

Life decided differently however, and showed me that being in front of a drumkit made me happier than being behind it. This eventually evolved into a career as a freelance sound designer, consultant and mixing engineer.
Fifteen years after starting my own story, I can already look back on an impressive list of events, artist and clients, that have brought me all over the world.
I want to thank my clients for their loyalty, perseverance and optimism, especially during these challenging COVID times!

And thank YOU for checking out my website. Take your time, and please feel free to contact me at any moment.



Concert at Sea

Music & touring

Namedropping isn't my style. To me, it shouldn’t matter if you’re Elvis or the milkman. Every artist or client is equally important and deserves the same attention to detail.
I provide my services directly to artists, festivals, production agencies, studios and corporations.

Corporate event

Corporate & public events

From a small meeting room downtown, to a jam-packed arena with all bells and whistles. All engaging, storytelling events need an impactful and worry-free audio experience.
I am very proud of my extensive international corporate portfolio, which feature clients that I have already partnered with since 2005!


Theatre & dance

Like a good book or movie, theatre transports you to a different time and place. It is this magical feeling that initially made me study theatre audio in my early years.
New developments like immersive audio makes it even more engaging and keeps me focused on learning new technology.

My skills

In the ever-evolving events industry, it is very important to keep your skill set up-to-date.
Equipment and software are continuously updated. New developments like immersive audio, are being pushed into the market, and let's not forget that our audiences are getting a lot more critical day-by-day.

The following skills and tools that are worth mentioning, because they are specialties or invaluable to me.

  • System design

    As a long time user of Vectorworks CAD software, I find it very valuable to combine CAD with acoustical modelling software (like SoundVision or Mapp 3D). This gives me great insight into what to expect acoustically and mechanically before load-in even begins.

  • Sound Design

    Whenever I need to make a sound design, Qlab is often the first piece of software I turn to. To me it is an irreplaceable tool for automation and playback.

  • Recording

    Logic Pro, Nuendo, Audition and Universal Audio LUNA, all have their respective strengths and weaknesses. This is why I use all of these DAWS on a day to day basis.

  • Mixing

    I find it very important to have in-depth knowledge of all major mixing console platforms and peripherals. In addition to this I use Waves and UAD systems/plugins extensively.

  • Measurement & Analysis

    Since the very start of my career, I have used Smaart software for system tuning and alignment. It is very beneficial for a performance to get a scientific insight into the acoustical behaviour of a PA system, not only when tuning but also during the actual performance.

  • Audio networking

    In this day and age, most audio signals are being transported over IP infrastructure instead of clunky copper snakes. To avoid time loss on-site, I often supply Dante audio distribution based on Cisco networking equipment.

Compaenen - the creative sound company

Since 2014 I am part of a collective called 'de Compaenen'.
We are a group of creative audio professionals that support clients to fully immerse their audiences with an auditory experience that matches their event, play or concert. For each production that requires audio content, the Compaenen are able to create a unique sound design that supports the most critical, engaging and creative adventures imaginable.


Feel free to mail or call me at any time.